Debugging Issues

For most of the users album works out of the box without any issues during album build or when viewing the album. But there are situations where it could go wrong due to several reasons. This section

explains some of the common issues you may encounter and possible solutions to them.


Stage: Album Generation


1. JAlbum / FotoPlayer skin settings are not restored when opening JAlbum next time


   If you've used File->Save as Default in JAlbum, the image input directory is not remembered and you may notice empty input directory when opening JAlbum next time.

   Solution: Use JAlbum File->Save Project As' option and save the settings to your desktop as fotoplayer.jap. When you start JAlbum next time, use File->Open Album project and load the fotoplayer.jap saved in desktop.



2. FotoPlayer PRO version features not selectable in skin settings tab.

This is due to skin defaulting to Lite mode when you reopen JAlbum.


Solution: In skin settings 'general' tab, choose Lite mode and then PRO mode again.



Stage: Viewing album locally



1.  After successful album build,  output preview is blank or there is a browser security alert.

This is caused due to the browser/Flash plugin local security limitations.


Solution:  If you're prompted with a dialog to click OK or SETTINGS, choose SETTINGS. You'll  be redirected to a plugin configuration page at Adobe site where you can select 'Always allow'. Refer this link for more info. This happens only when viewing the album locally.


2. Popup window features doesn't work.

Some of the features opens a popup window. Download, cart help and terms page links... You may notice the popup window doesn't work. This is again due to local security browser and flash limitation.


Solution: Upload the album to your site and test it.



3. Image EXIF/IPTC info not displayed.

JAlbum may have problem reading exif/iptc metadata stored in your image. Possible reasons are corrupted metadata or metadata stored in XMP format, which is currently not supported by JAlbum.



Use a different image editor to insert metadata (IrfanView or IPTCExt). If still doesn't get displayed, post a sample original image with the issue description in JAlbum bugs report forum.



Stage: Viewing album from Website


Step 1:

First thing is to check the FP Diagnostic Script  in res/test.php. If your album url is, you can view the diagnostic script at This script checks if your server supports PHP, PHP version, whether you've set the correct folder permissions and whether your server supports PHP Mail() command.


Step 2:

View res/config.xml and if you're using cart, view res/shoppingcart/shoppingcart.xml. Most of the browsers validates the XML format. If you've made any typo which makes the file invalid XML format, you can fix those issues from the error message reported in the browser.



1. Album search feature doesn't work.


Most common reason for this issue is due to some special characters in the folder / file name or image EXIF/IPTC fields. FotoPlayer uses XML format and XML doesn't allow special characters in some fields values. In some cases, its actually your web hosting server that doesn't support certain chars.

Some of the special chars:  " (double quote) , ' (single quote), "." (period) , "<" , ">" , # , "&".



Solution 1:  
You can run the search script directly in debug mode. The debug log will show the list of folders and images it searched. If you go to the end of the log, you'll notice the last successfully processed image parsing. Check  for special chars in the images around the last processed image and remove them.



Solution 2:

If you've less number of sub galleries, then view the photos.xml file in each folder directly from browser. Browser like Internet Explorer can validate XML format. If there are any issues, you'll notice the image name where it failed.


2. Album RSS feature doesn't work.


Refer search feature issue. Same special chars will cause problem when building the rss feed.

Solution: Run the RSS script in debug mode. The debug log will show the list of folders and images it searched. If you go to the end of the log, you'll notice the last successfully processed image parsing. Check  for special chars in the images around the last processed image.





3.  Guestbook -  failed with RC1: or RC2 error message.

res/guestbook folder is not writable. Guestbook feature requires res/guestbook folder with full write access (CHMOD 775 or 777). If this folder is not writable, FotoPlayer cannot save the comments.


Solution: If your server is UNIX/LINUX you can change the folder permission using your FTP client tool (right click on guestbook folder and choose properties. Select write access to user,group and world). If your  server is Windows, you should have option in your site controlpanel to change folder permission. If not, contact your hosting provider.


Note: There is a diagnostic script included in skin to check guestbook folder permission. View


4. Shoppingcart checkout failed.


Same folder permission issue like guestbook. Refer previous solution. Folder name is res/shoppingcart.  Diagnostic script also checks shoppingcart folder permission.



5. Shoppingcart - Email notification not received.


Your server needs to support PHP Mail() command. You can check if it does,by viewing the diagnostic script page. Enter the email id and hit send. If you receive the test message php mail() works.


Solution: Check with hosting provider if they support PHP mail() command.


Note: From FotoPlayer V3.1 version onwards, SMTP emailing is supported. SMTP email is an alternate to PHP Mail().



6.  Shoppingcart fields displaying 'undefined' as values or features doesn't work.

The most likely reason is due to shoppingcart/shoppingcart.xml file not in valid XML format (format got messed when you edited for your changes)


Solution: View  your album shoppingcart.xml file directly from browser. If there are any XML validation issues, Internet Explorer will show where/why it failed.







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