FotoPlayer is a flash based web photo album software for sharing your photos online. FotoPlayer incorporates a lot of highly customizable and advanced features and helps you to publish your album with a smooth and rich presentation. The software is provided as a skin for the famous JAlbum photo album generator and is also available as a plugin for Lightroom, Picasa and for Flickr.


Technology used:


Software is based on,

Main features:

Some of the main features include built-in shopping cart system, RSS feeder, moderated guest book, MP3 background music, full image navigation controls with slideshow and image pan and zoom tool,FLASH video player (SWF and FLV) etc. Check out the feature section for the full list.


About this Help document:


v1.5, last updated on 18th November 2010.


This help document is designed to give you a comprehensive guide to know all the FotoPlayer (hereafter will be referred as FP) features, installation procedure and ways to customize your album to fit to your needs, FAQs and troubleshooting some general issues. You can download this help file as compiled HTML (CHM) files for offline references.


The screen-shot in this guide are optimized and gray-scaled for faster downloading.


This help document was created under the following settings.

JAlbum v8.11

FotoPlayer v4.1

OS: Windows

JAlbum installed directory : C:\Program Files\Jalbum

FTP Client: FileZilla

Browser: IE8


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Click here to download this online reference  in CHM format (Microsoft Compressed HTML Help).


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Important note:  This user guide is intended only  for FotoPlayer v4.1.


Download links for older version guides in CHM format:

V3.0 User Guide   

V3.1 User Guide

V4.0 User Guide



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FotoPlayer User Guide v1.5  

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