Support Guidelines

 Guidelines for posting queries in JAlbum forum or when contacting by email.




1. Read guidelines at


2. If you've any issues when viewing the album on your site, the best way is to publish a test album on your site and post the album link (secret revealed how to get a quick response on forum/email ;) )


3. Know if the feature currently exist in FotoPlayer before posting a query on where/how to enable it.


Where to check if feature exists:

a. Check 'Features' section at site and in the features section in the user guide.
b. Check FotoPlayer skin settings tab if there is an option to configure the feature you're looking for.

c. Read the user guide. Do a search in the user guide.


If you don't find an option to configure, you can assume the feature currently doesn't exist. FotoPlayer uses Flash for presentation. This comes in SWF compiled format and is not editable. So, no user interface customization can be done unless the skin already provides a switch to turn on/off/customize.


Note: You're welcome to post it as a 'Feature request' to be included in future versions of the skin.


4. Do a search on forum to see if it has been discussed before.


5. Take some time to read thru the user guide. You'll find the answers for most of your queries here.


6. Post FotoPlayer skin relevant queries.


a. If your questions are related to JAlbum settings or image processing, use JAlbum general discussion forum or refer JAlbum user guide.

b. For any issues with the HTML page design, refer HTML help forums or JAlbum general discussion forum. It's not in scope of FotoPlayer support to answer HTML coding issues.

   Note: FotoPlayer generated page is compatible on all browsers supporting flash plugin version 8 or higher and conforms to W3C standard. Validate your album page at




7. If you've any license related queries or issues with the licensed version album (but worked in trial) , do not post in the JAlbum forum.  Please contact by email.





1.  If you don't get the information you're looking for in this user guide or in the JAlbum forum, you can contact by email.


2.  If you've any problems with FP album, always make sure to create a test album and send me the album link in your email. This will help a lot to analyze the cause.


3.  If you're a licensed user, you'll get a response within 24 hours (most of them are replied within 3 to 4 hours).  If you don't get a reply, either your message ended up in my spam folder or my reply ended up in your spam folder. Send a reminder and if you don't get a response, contact from a different email account.


4.  As some of the features are server side based, it may not always be possible to identify the problem ( caused by FP or due to user custom edits) from looking at the album. In such case, if you're interested you can create a temporary FTP login account with access to the album folder and send me the login details by email.  This support is allowed only if you're a licensed user.


5. Avoid sending email for each query separately. It's advisable to test the software fully and then consolidate all your queries in a single email.











FotoPlayer User Guide v1.5

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