Template files overview

 This section covers an overview of the skin template files.


 Note: To edit htt, xml, php, bsh, js or txt  files, use Notepad or Wordpad in Windows and TextEdit in Mac. You can also use any plain text editors like TextPad or UltraEdit.


1. Skin root folder files.






a. config.htt


Template that generates res/config.xml in the generated album. This is the main settings file that controls the look and feel of the album + enables to switch on/off the features. Some of the features are controlled via the JAlbum FotoPlayer skin settings tab and some the requires manual editing in this file.


Manual edits are required to configure below features.

Disabling shortcut keys,  guestbook colors/texts/email notification settings, help window texts, tooltips texts, setting mp3 file names (if using JAlbum < v7.1.3), customizing print services account details (Shutterfly, PhotoBox, Digibug).


b. default.htt


Template that generates the album index page index.html.  If you wish to add any custom HTML coding to index.html, add to this template. Make sure you do not touch the coding within 'FotoPlayer code starts' and 'FotoPlayer code ends' comments.


You can add header logo and site menu links using SiteCreator tab.


c. folders.htt


Template that generates folders.xml file in the generated album root folder. This file holds your album folder structure + folder description. You can also manually add email or URL links to this template file.



e. index.htt


Template that generates photos.xml. This file holds the key information about the thumbnail, slide & download image paths, image title, image tags, exif & iptc data and photo description.


You'll find two occurrences of generating the <image>...</image> tags. First occurrence is for handling the non jpg formats like SWF, AVI, PDF,FLV etc and the second <image> is for handling the links for jpg files.


By default, most the settings in this file uses the JAlbum standard variables to populate the data. Example: using $comment for description , $keywords  for tags. But you can edit this file to use any source instead of standard variables. (Recommended only for advanced users who've some knowledge on how to edit templates. Refer JAlbum help documents).


You can also add additional exif or iptc data.

Example: To add City,

<iptc City="<ja:if exists="meta"><%=meta.get("Iptc.City")%></ja:if>" ...



f.  slide.htt


Not used for the album. Includes scripts to delete slide html files if created when 'Link to originals via scaled image' option (FP doesn't use slide html)


g. onload.bsh


JAlbum script file to generate the skin settings tabs. If you want to add your own custom themes, you can add it in this file. Refer Jalbum manual before editing this file.



h. hints.jap


JAlbum project file to store the skin preferences. You can change the default settings by editing this file using a plain text editor. To save your skin preferences and use it next time to load, use 'JAlbum->File-Save project as' option and point to this hints.jap and replace it.


i. finally.bsh

Jalbum script file called at the completion of each album build.


j. init.bsh

Jalbum scirpt file called at the start of album build.


k. map.htt

Template that generated map.html when Google Maps feature enabled.


2. PHP folder files.






a. checkfile.php


File that checks if a guestbook entry already exists for the image. If it exists, FP will highlight the guestbook icon in a different color. This file is copied to generated album root folder when 'guestbookstatus' feature is enabled.


b. creditcardpayment.php


Default file linked  from 'credit card' checkout in the shoppingcart window.  For demo purpose, this file is coded to show all the details received from Flash file. You'll need to edit this file to use your own coding for handling the back-end credit card transaction gateway integration. File is copied to generated album 'res' folder.


c. discountcoupons.php


File used to securely store the discount coupon codes and their values. This file needs to be edited to add your coupon code names and their value before using discount coupon feature. You'll find instructions in this file for details on how to edit the settings. File is copied to res/shoppingcart folder in the generated album.


d. download.php


File that handles the image download after successful paypal payment. Make sure to set $original_path value to the folder path on your server where the originals images are securely stored. The script allows to download only jpg files.


e. emailorder.php


File that handles sending email notification when an order is placed. No editing required unless if you want to use SMTP email service instead of default php mail() command or when you want to change the structure of the order file contents. Requires PHP knowledge to edit this file.


f.  gbadmin.php


Guestbook Management System login page. Requires manual edit to set the login user and password.


define ( "myuser", "foto" );

define ( "mypass", "player" );



g. guestbook.php


Script to write the guestbook entries to res/guestbook folder and to email notify the added comment. Make sure to set full write access (CHMOD 777) for res/guestbook folder in your web album.


h. guestbook_admin.php


Part of GuestBook Management system.


i.  loadtags.php


Script that parses the tag words in photos.xml files and stores the result in res/guestbook folder in the name tagslist.txt. The contents from tagslist.txt is displayed when you click on 'Show All Tags' in the FP search window.

When updating the album, tagslist.txt file needs to be deleted from res/guesbook folder if it already exists or you can refresh the contents using url query  www.domain.com/album/loadtags.php?refresh=Y.


j.  paypalreturn.php


File that handles auto download of originals after successful paypal payment. You can find more details about this file in Step-By-Step/auto download section.


k. rss.php


RSS feed generator script. Reads the photos.xml files in the generated album folder (& subfolders) and generates the feed. The script accepts optional parameters to customize the feed (to specify if the feed is for the entire or  specific album, number of images to return).

parms: 'folder' and 'items'







l.  search.php


Search engine script for handling searches on image tags (default), file  name, file  description , title and to search recent images. You can also control the number of files in the search result.


Parms: searchtags, searchtitle, searchdesc, searchmeta, searchrecent, searchmode, searchfor,  items and enddate.


searchtags    ->  Set to Y to search data in tags (photos.xml "tags" parm)

searchdesc   ->  Set to Y to search for photo description (<description> tag in photos.xml)

searchmeta   ->  Set to Y to search for meta data (<iptc> and <exif> tags in photos.xml)

searchrecent ->  Set to Y to search for recent images. The number of days needs to be passed in seachfor parm.

searchmode  ->  Default is "".  Valid data are "AND" and "OR" AND is used to search for all matching words and "OR"

     is used for "any" word search.

searchfor       ->  String to the searched. when using searchrecent, this parm should be set to be number of days old.

item              ->  Restricts the number of images in the result. default is 99999.

enddate         ->  Used with searchrecent parm. If not set, current date will be used to search for recent images.









(searches images with dates < 30 days from current date)


 (searches images with  dates < 30 days from 2007/04/01)



m. secured.htt

Script used for folder level password protection. Starting v4.0, no manual editing required for folder level protection.


n. ecard.php

Script that generates ecard page and emails the link.


o. smtpsettings.htt

Template that generates res/PHPMailer/smtpsettings.php file. This php script stores the smtp settings you enter in the skin>Email tab. No user edits required.


p.  YTvideolink.php

Script required for using Youtube video slides. Copy this script to skin 'res' folder if using Youtube slides. Refer tips section for info on Youtube video streaming.


q. nochexpayment.php

Script to handle NoChex cart checkout. Refer feature number 68 in 'What's new in V4.0' section.


r. rating.php

Script that handles 5 star slide image rating feature.


s. rss2html

Folder with scripts and templates for the album HTML version feature.




3.  'protected' folder file.



a. default.htt


This template generates the album index.php page when using protect album feature in FP skin settings general tab. This template holds the php script for user login as well as the album index page design. If you want to make any customization to the index page, you'll need to edit this template.




4. 'res'  folder files.






a. backgroundimages folder


Folder to keep the FP bg images. To add you own bg, copy your image to this folder , restart JAlbum, select FP skin and select the image name you added from the FP skin settings 'options' tab background image listbox.


b. guestbook folder


Folder to keep guestbook entries for each image. This folder is also used for storing tagslist.txt file. Make sure to set full write access (CHMOD 777) to this folder in your website.


c. mp3s folder


Folder to keep mp3 files. When you open the mp3 tab in the JAlbum skin settings , the skin reads and lists the mp3 files in this folder by default. You can either copy your custom mp3s to this folder first before opening JAlbum or select mp3s from different location on your computer. During album generation mp3s you selected will be copied to res/mp3s folder in the album output folder.



d. shoppingcart folder


Shoppingcart relates files are stored in this folder.



e. flash files


fotoplayerlite.swf -> Lite version,

fotoplayerpro.swf -> PRO version,

fptree.swf -> Tree menu,

gbadmin.swf -> Guestbook management,

guestbook.swf -> view/add guestbook comments.


f. thumbnails

Skin includes thumbnails for most of the non jpg file formats. If the skin doesn't find the corresponding thumbnail image, it'll use unknown.jpg.


g. javascript.js

Script that writes the flash <object> <embed> tags to index.html. Also includes other functions , fullscreen() , jstrigger().



Instead of linking to album index page  from your site main page, you can copy this function to your site main page and then open album index page in full screen.


This function will be automatically triggered by FP when you open each slide image. Requires setting jstrigger="Y" in config.htt.

This file needs a manual edit to customize the gallery menu width. Search for foldermenuwidth. Default is 150 pixels.



h. diag.php, test.php

Scripts to test server compatibility for PHP features. Files are copied to res/ in the generated album. After uploading album to your website, view res/test.php thru browser.



i. ecard folder

Folder that stores the email and html template for creating and sending ecard.


i PHPMailer folder

Folder that stores the files for PHPMailer software script (These scripts are used to send SMTP email)


j. rating folder

This folder in the generated album will store the rating info. Rating feature is available only in PRO mode.


k. gmaps folder

Folder with templates for Google Maps feature. Generated map.html relies on files in this folder.



5. ecard folder files.




a. black.jpg

Background image for the generated ecard page.


b. ecard.html

Template for generating ecard page.


c. email.txt

Template for the ecard email sent

d. overlay.gif

displayed over the image in the ecard page. Feature to prevent viewer from right click and copying the image.



6. 'shoppingcart'  folder files.





a. bannedip.txt

File to store the banned IP addresses for using shoppingcart feature. If you receive any spam sales orders, you can find the ip address from the order file created and add it to this file.


b. shopping_help.html

Shoppingcart help file template. This file is opened when 'help' button in the shoppingcart cart window is clicked. If help button is enabled, this file should be edited to provide general instructions on how to use the cart feature or to publish the sales shipping, tax, discount details etc.


c. shoppingcart.xml

Shoppingcart settings files. The cart feature is fully driven based on the value you set in this file. Before using the cart feature, the settings in this file should be customized. Refer shoppingcart.xml section for more details. When using non-ascii chars (like euro currency symbol), make sure you save this xml in UTF-8 format.


d. termsconditions.html

Page linked from terms & conditions label in the checkout screen. Make sure to edit this file before using the terms agreement feature.


e. htmlordertemplate.htt

Template used for generating the HTML order file. Same layout is used for building PDF order file. You can customize this template to build a completely different order file.



7. 'shoppingcart'  folder files.



FotoPlayer User Guide v1.5

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