What's new in V4.0


1.   Expand/Collapse button for Tree menu:
You can now expand/collapse all the folders within the tree menu.
  Button displayed at the top of the tree menu. You’ll also have the option to auto expand when album opens and  an option to disable this feature ( Settings for this feature are in Options->Gallery Menu tab)


2. Highlight the menu currently opened:
When you open the album to start with a specific folder, the folder name will be highlighted in the Tree menu.


Figure 1: Expand/Collapse button and highlighting of startup folder name.


3.   Link to folder containing the image from the search result:
When you view the image from the search result, it’ll now display a link 'Click to open the album containing this image’ overlaying the slide image. The folder name will also be automatically highlighted in the tree menu. Feature enabled by default but you can disable it or customize the text by editing config.htt. Search for text, linktofolder="Y" and linktofoldertext="Click to view folder containing this image".



Figure 2: Showing 'Click to view folder containing this image' link under Slide image.



4. Manage multiple versions of cart settings file:
You can now keep different versions of the cart settings file shoppingcart.xml in the skin res/shoppingcart/ folder. Choose which file to use in the skin General tab before album build.


Figure 3: Showing selectable shoppingcart settings file

5. Use first non blank as startup folder automatically:
In prev version, if there are no images in the Jalbum image input directory root folder, the generated album will start with blank. Viewer has to use the gallery menu to view the images inside the subfolders.  Not anymore in the new version. Skin will find the first non blank folder and will open that folder automatically when album starts.

Note: If you set a startup folder configuration in Options->Gallery Menu tab, it’ll override the above feature.



6. Suffix "/" not required in the startup folder or when using openfolder:
Prev version requires  suffix ”/”  when setting startup folder in the skin tab (example: Nature/Landscapes/) or when using openfolder parameter in the url (example: www.yourdomain.com/album/index/html?openfolder=Nature/Landscapes/). ”/” suffix is now not required in the new version.

7. Bug fix:
When using target as "_self” for paypal window in shoppingcart.xml file, the order file may not get saved when using Safari browser. Issue fixed.
<url value="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" target="_self"  />

8. Thumb Scroll speed control:

3 speed controls for the thumb auto scroll (scrolling when mouse over at the ends on thumb container).  Search for "scrollspeed” in config.htt template. Possible values, "slow” , "normal” or "fast”. Default is "fast”.

 9. Album title and description:
Album Title and Description set in Jalbum Settings General tab is now used to set the generated index.html page title and meta tag description (used by search engines)



Figure 4: Showing Album title and description setup

10. Based on the user requests, more special chars are added to the whitelist in skin Options->Settings tab.

Skin uses this whitelist to validate image title and exif/iptc field texts.


11.   Automated folder level feature overrides:
FotoPlayer supports folder level feature overrides but it has been used effectively since it required some manual edits. New version will allow to set folder level features easily from the Jalbum interface.
Features that can enabled/disabled on folder level: download, guestbook, mp3player, description, autoplay, shoppingcart, startslideshow,random thumbs, autoscale

Right click the folder in Jalbum explorer and select 'Edit’. You’ll notice the tab 'FP Settings’ where you can set the values for the above features.
Possible values: Default , Y
  or N.

Default -> Folder level override not applied.
Y -> Feature enabled for the folder irrespective of whether its enabled/disabled at album level (in skin tab)
N -> Feature disabled for the folder
  irrespective of whether it's enabled/disabled at album level (in skin tab)


Figure 5: Showing FP Settings tab.

12. Flag settings in download.php and paypalreturn.php scripts made case insensitive:
Setting flag values in these scripts was case sensitive in previous version which impacted the functionality of the script. It’s not made case insensitive

example: $log_download = "n";



13.   Search for rated photos / virtual gallery to list highest rated photos:
Search feature can now be used to find the images with a specific star rating. You can search for highest rated photos by searching for rating 5 or even list all rated photos by searching for any rated photos.
New interface added to the Search window and viewer
  can choose the rating star to search for.

You can also add a virtual gallery menu that’ll list the top rated photos. Feature can be enabled from the skin Options->Gallery menu->Add Virtual Galleries tab.
Enter Title for the menu (Like Top Rated Photos’) , enter the search text as 5 (lists photos with rating 5) and choose source as 'Star Rating’.
  Note: To list all rated photos, just enter the search text as 12345.

Refer Figure 2.

14. Hide the form fields in the cart checkout screen:
Cart checkout screen lists the fields  to be filled by the customer before the checkout. Feature exists to make these fields  'required’ or 'optional’. Now you can hide any of the field if you don’t want.
File: res/shoppingcart/shoppingcart.xml
<reqiredfields firstname="Y" lastname="Y" email="Y" address="Y" city="Y" state="Y" postcode="Y" country="Y" phone="Y"></reqiredfields>

<enablefields firstname="Y" lastname="Y" email="Y" address="Y" city="Y" state="Y" postcode="Y" country="Y" phone="Y" notestoseller="Y"></enablefields>


 15. Added PEAR email method:
FP supports two method to send the email. 1. PHP Mail() , 2. SMTP Email.  Noticed some of the users hosting server doesn’t support both the method but allows using PHP PEAR. This method is now included in FP. Feature customizable from the skin Email tab. Check with hosting support what email method they allow on their server. If they support PEAR, get the settings from them and use it in the Email tab.

Note: Above 3 methods cover the most and commonly used options to sending email from PHP. If your server doesn’t support any of them, its time to change your hosting server.

How to enable: PEAR email configuration requires SMTP settings. Just enter the SMTP settings and enable 'PEAR’ flag.

16. E-Card window text customization:

Text colors in the ecard window is made customizable..
File: Config.htt.

<labels fromname="Name" fromemail="Email" toname="Name" toemail="Email" fromtitle="From" totitle="To" messagetitle="Message" titlecolor="FFCC00" labelcolor="FFFFFF" />



17. E-Card window Button customization:
Send and Cancel button texts in ecard window is made customizable.
File: Config.htt
<buttontext send="Send" cancel="Cancel" />


18. Option to set defaults in search window for 'All words' 'any word':

File: Config.htt
<searchoptions showtags="Y">

<allwords enabled="Y" selected="N" />
<anyword enabled="Y" selected="N" />



19. Option to use enable/disable partialword search from the search window:
This feature already exists in prev version but can only be enabled/disabled by editing search.php. If enabled, any text that partially matches with the search text will be included in the search result. If disabled, the entered search word should exactly match the word on the searched text.

File: Config.htt 
<searchoptions showtags="Y">
<partialwordsearch enabled="Y" selected="N" />


20. Photo link in Guestbook email notification:
Guestbook email notification when someone enters a comment will now include the link to the photo commented on.

Sample notification:

from Guestbook dhinakar.com@gmail.com
reply-totest <dhina>to dhinakar.com@gmail.com
dateWed, Jul 1, 2009 at 6:37 AM
subject User entered comments for photo: guestbook/Demo_FP_Cars_6

User: dhina
Comments: some comments
User Email:test
Link to Slide: http://www.fotoplayer.com/v4.0demo/slides/Demo_FP_Cars_6.jpg


21. Naming convention for ecard:
Generated Ecard page now includes year in the file name.

22. Alternate source for Slide Title:

You can now also use IPTC Object name
  or IPTC headline  and slide image title source.
Options->Slides tab, Title Source listing.


Figure 5: Title Source selection


23.   Sort options for search results:
Prev version sorts the search results by date as default. New version supports sorting the results also on file name,  title , tags and category. Ordering (ascending or descending) can also be set.
File: Config.htt
<searchoptions showtags="Y">

<sortmethod value="1" comment="possible values: 1(date), 2(filename) , 3(title) , 4(tags)  , 5(category)" /> 
<sortorder value="D" comment="possible values: A (Ascending), D(Descending)" />


24. Image protection in ecard page:
Right Click protection added for the ecard page. Also displays transparent gif over the image as an added protection.


25. Sender’s email id in Ecard email reply-to:
Sender’s id will be used as 'Reply-to’ address when sending the Ecard email to the recipient.


26. Updates in emailorder.php script:
Prev version doesn’t display the error details if the email order script fails due to folder permission or emailing error. If there are any issues in this script, it will now be displayed when checkout button is clicked.


27. Tone Preview window text color made customizable:
Search for 'tonepreviewtxtcolor’ in config.htt template to change the color.


28.   Taking Shoppingcart to the next level - Sell Packages!:
New version allows you to group different size format images into a package, set the quantity for each image formats within the package, set a fixed price for the package and sell. This option opens the door to sell images in one of the highly successful selling strategy for photographers. Feature is fully customizable. You can even allow users to purchase  both packages and  individual items in the single checkout.

How to use:

1.      Define format sizes with a unique id assigned to each format.
<format id="
format1" size="4 x 6" price="10" type="print" category=""></format>
<format id="
format3" size="5 x 7" price="20" type="print" category=""></format>

2.       Add a <package> tag within <entry> and include the above format ids with the quantity. Set the price in <package> tag.

    <package name="StandardPackage" description="Standard Package Demo" price="50">
<includeformat id="
format1" quantity="3" />                       
<includeformat id="
format3" quantity="2" />                       

3.       That’s it! You can add multiple package definitions. Shoppingcart.xml file comes with sample Package definitions. That should help to understand how to configure.

4.      To disable package sales, just delete all the <package>  definitions inside <entry> tag.


How Feature works:
1. If there are <package> definitions, package names will be shown in a listing in the cart first screen. User can choose one of the package or if they want to buy the image as individual item, they can choose 'Purchase as individual image’. This text is also customizable in <order> tag.
2. If item added to the package, FP tracks that package as a cart within the cart. User will be expected to fill the package with the specific image format you’ve defined and with the specific quantity for those formats.
3. User will not be able to checkout unless all the required quantity matches for the package.
4. Price is added to the cart and the package will be excluded from other additional fees like discount and item based shipping charges.
5. For the user to know the current contents within each package in the cart, there will be a window displayed on thumb image click in the cart grid. This window will show the package contents and will also list the quantity. User can easily see how many images they need to add for each format size to the package.



Figure 6: Package selection in Cart first screen.


Figure 7: Viewing package contents in Cart second screen




Figure 8: Viewer can check package contents by clicking report tab.




29. Customizable " OF " text in image count field (displayed at the top the description window):
To change the text, search for ofcounttext in config.htt template.


30. Fixed an issue where images with an & in the path was not force downloaded.


31. Blank space displayed in exif/iptc panel handled:
If any of the exif/iptc fields are blank, previous version would leave a blank line for each empty exif/iptc fields. Issue now fixed.

32. Search window 'Show All Tags' button disable issue fixed

33. Fixed problem with opening multiple text file slides within the same folder

34. Option to set title and description for non-jpg file formats slides:

For non-jpg file format slides (like PDF, MPG..), FP only displays a window with a download button in prev version. New version displays the image name with the description in the same window.

Figure 9: Window with title & description



35. Option to set whether the order info should be sent as an attachment or in the email body:

File: shoppingcart.xml
<emailsettings sendcopytobuyer="N"



36. Special chars in the search source ignored when doing word match search:
Word search would fail if it the word includes some special chars as a prefix or suffix. This is now handled in the new version.
example:  In prev version, searching for word London would not find the image with the text London! Due to "!” in the word prefix.


37. Search window result status text made customizable:
Sample text: "3 files found”. To change the text "files found”, search for '<searchresulttext text="files found" />’ in config.htt template.

38. Ecard Send Info and Subject made editable via skin tab:

Prev version requires a manual edit in config.htt before ecard feature can be used.  These info are now customizable  from  skin Options->Settings tab.
Email From name, Email  From id and Email subject.


39. More options to choose the  source for cart custom price - supplemental category code & IPTC Object Name:
Prev version limits using only IPTC Category field to use for setting the custom price for each image. In the new version you can also use alternate sources to set the category.
You can set the category source in Options->Settings tab.

Figure 10: Cart custom price source selection

40. VTI folders on hosting server will be excluded by rss, search and loadtags scripts. These folders were impacting the functionality of these scripts. 


41. Email feature checking diagnostic script:
Diagnostic script now allows to check
  if php mail() or SMTP based emailing is supported by your hosting server.


42. Support for Jalbum widgets:
V4 supports Jalbum widgets! Widgets require running the flash content using wmode parameter, which is still not cross browser compatible. Due to this issue, any of the FotoPlayer features that requires user interaction via keyboard will be disabled automatically in the album when Widgets is enabled. List of FP features that’ll be disabled: Protected Album, Guestbook, Guestbook Status, Guestbook Admin, Album Search, ShoppingCart, Protected Download, RSS Feeder, HTML Version, Google Maps, Image link inside Description window.

Note: Jalbum currently doesn't recognize FP skin as a widget supported skin. Until it's changed by the Jalbum team, you'll need to edit the generated index.html page and change the skin name in variable _jaSkin to some other name.
Example: _jaSkin = "FPTEST";
If you've any issues enabling/viewing Widgets, please post all queries at http://jalbum.net/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=43
Option to enable/disable Jalbum widgets is in Jalbum->Settings->Advanced->Metadata tab ("Include Jalbum Widget Support").

Figure 11: Enabling/Disabling Jalbum Widgets

43. Added option to disable video frame border.


44.   Folder level password protection is now made UI configurable in Jalbum.
No more manual edits in the generated album required every time you rebuild. Folder level protection is now made UI configurable from Jalbum Edit tab. Right click on the folder name in Jalbum explorer and select 'Edit’ . Enter
  user/password in the FP Settings tab. 

Refer Figure 5.

45. Fixed issue where no gallery menu was shown when the album starts with no photos (when docked or autoshow gallery menu enabled).

46. Auto adjustable slide title height:
Slide title height was fixed to 3 lines in prev version. Slide height will autoadjust to the length of the slide title text. Title will be disabled if text is blank.

47.   All geo tagged photos in one Google Map!

Flash version then HTML version and now Google map version of your album showing all geo tagged photos! To enable the feature enter your Google Maps API key in FP skin 'G.Analytics/G.Maps’ tab.
  When this feature is enabled, you’ll notice map.html page generated in the album folder. There will be a link to this page from the album index.html footer.

Figure 12: Google Maps


Note: Skin generates a new image size format (in addition to Jalbum generated thumbs and slides) to use it in Google Maps. You can customize this medium size image in Options->Shoppingcart tab.

48  Upgraded to use new google Analytics script
Page stats and album event tracking are now down using the latest Google Analytics script.

49. Youtube video script updated to support different formats (FLV, MP4, HD):

You can now use full HD video streaming hosted on YouTube. Album also supports MP4 video format. Check the demo link at the top for Eurovision videos in HD format for a demo.
Using YouTube video is same as in previous version but if you wish to use HD or MP4 specific version of the video, you’ll need to pass additional parameter in the video url.

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyz (This is stream the default FLV format). To stream HD, use link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyz&amp;fmt=22
For MP4 streaming , use fmt=18


50.  Disable flash (contextmenu option) fullscreen if feature is turned off:
Prev version only disabled the fullscreen icon on the controlpanel.


51. search script to made future compatible for new metadata in IPTC/EXIF:
Prev version limits to default iptc/exif fields in the description of search result images. If you add a custom tag, it’ll be ignored in the search result. New version includes updated script to handle both default and any custom exif/iptc fields.


52. Email notify when someone logon to a protected folder or album:
Title says it all. To enable the feature, Select 'Secured Folder/Album Login' option in Options->Settings tab.

53.  Guestbook comment notification now includes a Reply-To address if the user left his/her email in the guestbook entry. You can reply to the user easily to follow-up on the comment.

54.  Shoppingcart email order notification in HTML format!

Want to impress your clients with a nicely presented email order file instead of plain text? Here comes the HTML format with rich colors and fonts and company logo to make it more attractive. Designed with a free flow format to autofit to browser screen size. One of the key feature is, the order file is created using an HTML template! You’re not limited to the default order form  layout. You can customize the HTML template to fit to your needs.

To enable this feature , set orderfileformat=”HTML” in shoppingcart.xml. Note that text file format will still be created in the shoppingcart and will be used only for paypal autodownload feature. To customize the logo, edit res/yourlogo.jpg in the skin folder.

Note: By default thumb images are used in the HTML order. You can instead use a medium sized image by enabling the feature in Options->Shoppingcart tab. You can also customize the medium sized image width and height.

Check out the HTML order file demo link at the top of this page.

Sample HTML format order :  http://www.fotoplayer.com/v4.0demo/res/shoppingcart/20090518_221644037.html


55.  Shoppingcart email order notification in PDF format!
Feature added since more users are interested in sending the order file format in PDF format. Advantage is that PDF includes thumb format of the purchased images. It’s advisable to use this feature only if purchases are likely to be made it less quantity.
  If items are purchased in hundreds, it may likely impact the PDF order generation script  which’ll take long time to embed the images in the PDF and likely endup with PDF size in MBs. Since PDF is generated based on the HTML format of the file, you have full flexibility to change the layout of the order in the PDF file.

How to enable:
1. Enable 'Cart PDF Plugin’ option in the skin General tab (FP uses a third party LPGL licensed mpdf to dynamically convert the HTML format of the order file to PDF)
2. Set orderfileformat=”PDF” in shoppingcart.xml


PS. Thanks to Sean (racerx2003) for maintaining a PDF version of the skin for V3.0 and V3.1. Hopefully you’ll be free from user queries J 


Sample HTML format order :  http://www.fotoplayer.com/v4.0demo/res/shoppingcart/20090518_221644037.pdf



56.  Create a complete website with integrated photo album using the new Site Creator feature. From Photos to Website in minutes!
Build a complete website with the integrated album in different themes
  - all customizable from the skin tab! If you’re new or basic in HTML programming, this is the feature you’re looking for. The only editing you’ll be doing is to set the site page contents. Rest of the features, album and site layout and colors all customized from the skin SiteCreator tab.  Not just customizable, the feature comes with different website themes. Quite a lot of effort has gone into creating these readymade themes and I hope you like them.


57.   Shoppingcart -  Shipping fee based on image size format:

New version will allow setting shipping fee based on image format level (or specific image based by using category code in format tag). This is a major enhancement allowing you to set the shipping fee for each item added to the cart based on the size format. You can even set a minimum and maximum shipping fee when using this shipping mode (4).

  <format id="
format1" size="4 x 6" price="10" type="print" category=""></format>
  <format id="
format2" size="4 x 6 framed" price="15" type="print" category=""></format>

<shippinghandling mode="
4" minimumshippingfee="5" maximumshippingfee="20" comment="Fee applied for each item added to cart based on the size format" >
  <item id="
  <item id="

For above example, for each image added to the cart with size chosen as ' 4 X 6’ , $1 is charged. For  image of size '4 X 6 Framed’ , $2 will be charged.
If checked out with just two items in the cart, $5 will be charged for shipping (minimum fee). If checked out with 30 items in the cart, $20 will be charged (max shipping fee).

58.   Shipping fee based on specific format quantities. 

Same as the above new shipping mode but this feature gives more control on setting the shipping fee for each format based on it’s quantity in the cart.

     <shippinghandling mode="5" comment="based on specific format quantities">
  <format id="
                      <foritems from="1"  to="5">2.00</foritems>
                      <foritems from="6"  to="10">3.00</foritems>
                      <foritems from="11" to="999">10.00</foritems>
<format id="
          <foritems from="1"  to="5">2.00</foritems>
          <foritems from="6"  to="10">3.00</foritems>
            <foritems from="11" to="999">10.00</foritems>



59.   Share the direct link to the current slide or share it on social bookmarking:
Another important feature added in this release is to let the user share the direct link to the current viewing slide and also bookmark the link in social bookmarking sites Del.icio.us, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Digg, Google or StumbleUpon. No additional sites can be added.
To enable the feature, select the option 'Share/Bookmark' in Options->ControlPanel tab.

60. Shoppingcart tab in the jalbum UI

Added a link to open the res/shoppingcart/ in the skin folder for editing shoppingcart.xml file. To avoid confusion for some users who were editing the file in the generated album folder (which will be overwritten when the album is rebuilt)


61. Option to disable background image resizing:
By default if
  background image is non-titled, it’ll be resized to fit to the album background. You can now disable the resizing option. This will allow to use a smaller image (like logo) and fix it at the top left corner.
To disable resizing, edit config.htt and search for
resizenontiled="Y". Change value to "N”.


62. Watermark text angle:
You can set the watermark text angle in Options->Slides tab. Requires Jalbum 8.3 or higher.

63. Show Folder thumb preview in the folder description window:

You can enable the feature in Options->Gallery Menu tab. To set a folder preview thumb,  Right click on the thumb inside the folder ion Jalbum explorer and select 'Use as folder thumbnail’. If you don't want to manually set folder thumbs, you can select the option 'Use thumbnail for folder icon' in Jalbum->Settings->Advanced->General tab. Jalbum will use the first thumb in each folder as the folder icon.


Figure 13: Folder description with thumb



64.   Autofit the album content + footer in the album page:
No more browser vertical scrollbar on the generated album page. Page will autofit the flash content and the footer text to the browser screen
Note: If shoppingcart feature is enabled, page autofit feature will be automatically disabled if the screen size is less than 600 pixels. This is to allow sufficient space for displaying the cart window within the album.


65.   Folder level overrides for music:
Setting folder level music was a manual process in prev version. It’s now automated via 'FP Settings’ tab in the Jalbum Explorer Folder Edit window.
How to use:  Copy your custom mp3 files to the skin res/mp3s folder. Enter the mp3 files names in the 'FP Settings’ tab under 'MP3 FileName(s)’.

See Figure 5.

67. Tree menu folder icons changed:
New Folder icons are used in the Tree Menu. Old Windows folder icon replace with a simple and color customizable icons. The arrow icons and + - icon colors are mapped to 'Menu Selected’ color in the skin 'Themes’ tab.


68. Shoppingcart - NoChex checkout script added:
CreditCard checkout feature can be customized to use any custom payment gateway transaction handlers. As some users are interested in using NoChex, the changes required to customize CreditCard checkout to NoChex is now included.

          a. Edit nochexpayment.php file in the skin 'PHP’ folder using wordpad or notepad. Search for dhinakar.com@gmail.comand change it to your nochex account email.
b. Change http://www.fotoplayer.com to your site in the same file.
c. Edit shoppingcart.xml file in FotoPlayer skin res/shoppingcart folder and enable creditcard checkout feature (search for creditcard="N" and set it to "Y”)
d. Find creditcardpayment.php in this file and change it to nochexpayment.php.


69. Gallery Menu text width is now customizable from the skin Options->Gallery Menu tab

70. Added EXIF 'Lens’ and 'Maximum aperture value’ fields:
To display Lens info, Xmp.Lens or  Nikon Makernote.Lens  needs to be present in the image exif metadata.


71.   List most commented photos (in the order based on number of comments). Also create virtual galleries for most commented:
Title says it all. Search window now includes an option to search most commented photos! Not just in search window, you can add a virtual gallery menu. Option added to Skin Options->Gallery Menu->Virtual Gallery tab. Set a Title for the menu, leave the search textbox empty and select Source as 'Most Commented’


See Figure 2.


72. Paypal account setting required for shoppingcart checkout feature to work:
Prev version includes includes my email ID and I had to do refunds for the payments from the user album who published and enabled cart even without setting their own paypal account
J. New version will not allow checkout unless paypal account is set correctly.


73. Description window top data (Count, date and file name) now made customizable from skin tab Options->Description->Window Header.

74. 'Only this folder' option in search window will be automatically disabled when displaying search results (feature is designed only for searching physical folder photos and not for search within search results).

75.   MP3 slide player:
Publish Mp3 file as a slide! FP will play the mp3 slide with a new integrated slide mp3 player.
  This feature will allow to publish sample mp3 files to preview and use the cart feature to sell the track.


Figure 14: Slide MP3 Player



76. Option to disable Folder path, Description and Image specific user notes in the shopping cart first screen:
In shoppingcart.xml, search
  for displayfolder="Y" displaydesc="Y" displayusernotes="Y". Change the flag to "N” if required.


78. Options to change the tree menu scroll button , bar colors and their transparency:
Vertical and horizontal scroll bars color in Tree Gallery Menu can be customized in the skin Themes tab.


79.   Discount based on specific format quantities:
Similar to the new formats based shipping, you can also set discounts based on each format. For  example, you can set a discount of 20% when the user purchases the more 5 quantities of the same size "4 X 6”.  Discount is applied only to the price of4X6.
Instead of % , you can also deduct a fixed amount as a discount.

<discount mode="3" type="PER" comment="based on specific format quantities. Type can be PER (percent) or AMT (amount)">
<format id="format1">
<foritems from="2"  to="5">10.00</foritems>
<foritems from="6" to="49">20.00</foritems>
   <foritems from="50" to="999">30.00</foritems>
<format id="format2">
<foritems from="1"  to="1">5.00</foritems>
<foritems from="2"  to="5">10.00</foritems>
<foritems from="6" to="49">20.00</foritems>
<foritems from="50" to="999">30.00</foritems>

To enable the feature, set the discount mode as "3” in the <order> tag.


80. Option to change description exif/iptc text color change from skin Themes tab. 

81. Option to disable context menu full screen On/Off. User reported a bug with Flash plugin that causes system to hang only when using context menu full screen exit.

82. Skin comes with new
  mp3 loop files (smooth relaxing BGMs).  Files are licensed to be used only in FotoPlayer and unauthorized use of these mp3s outside the FP album is prohibited. 


83. Supports displaying GPS EXIF tags under Photo description EXIF window and also display a link to Google Maps for each slide:
To include GPS EXIF tags, enable the fields in the skin Options->Description tab. To display Google maps link for each slide, select the feature in G.Analytics/G.Maps tab. Supports displaying the slide image title and description in Google Maps image info window.


84. Option to add the custom gallery menu links either at top or bottom of the gallery menu
Option is in Settings->Gallery Menu->'Add Custom Links to Gallery Menu' tab. When enabled, custom gallery menu links will be added above the gallery menu links.


85. Flash background transparency:
You can set the flash background as transparent in Options->Settings tab. Like Jalbum widgets, incompatible features (features that depend on keyboard input) will be automatically disabled when flash bg is made transparent. List of FP features that’ll be disabled: Protected Album, Guestbook, Guestbook Status, Guestbook Admin, Album Search, ShoppingCart, Protected Download, RSS Feeder, HTML Version, Google Maps, Image link inside Description window. (There is also an advanced option in config.htt template to set the transparency %. Search for transparentbgpercent="0")



86.   Slide Reflection effect!
New feature to add a reflection effect to the slide image with an option to customize the reflection transparency, distance and blur (in Options->Slides tab). Feature works only on jpeg slide and will be disabled during pan/zoom effect. Feature applies only when using Fade transition.


87. Discount coupons - One time use option
You can now set a flag for each discount coupon whether it's for a one time use.

File: PHP/discountcoupons.php

$coupon_codes = array("FP12345","FP11111","FP22222");
$coupon_discount_value = array("10", "20", "5" );

$coupon_use_once = array("Y", "N", "N" );

In above example, FP12345 is a one-time use code since the corresponding entry in $coupon_discount_value is set to "Y".

How it works:
1. When order is placed with coupon code used, the order script (emailorder.php) will write this coupon code to a text file in shoppingcart folder. The file name prefix will be "usedcoupons_". Name is dynamically generated to make it obsure.
2. When discount coupon is applied in the cart second window, script will read the above text file and check if the code is present. If present, it'll display an error message as "Code already used".

Note: Code is considered as used when the order is placed. If you want to reset the usage for some reason, delete the code from usedcoupons_*.txt file in the shoppingcart folder.


88.   Split Image listing
FotoPlayer supports unlimited folders within the album but the number of images within a folder was recommended to be less than 500. This is due to the Flash timeout when handling huge XML files and can lead to a popup window displayed, "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?".
To avoid this issue and to make FotoPlayer handle unlimited images (that's right. Unlimited!) per folder and also to handle unlimited album search results, V4.0 includes a new feature to automatically split the image listing based on the split count you set in the config file. User can view the album in parts. No impacts to any other features except that random thumbs will be automatically switched off when albumsplit flag is enabled.
Configuring album split:
Edit config.htt template in FP skin folder and search for splitlisting. Customize the settings if required.

<splitlisting enabled="N" countpersplit="1000" title="Image Listing Parts" parttext="PART">
  <splitmessage>Image listing is split in to parts. Click part number to view them seperately.</>



89. Unwanted files removed in the generated album:
Only files required for the features enabled will be in the generated album folder. Rest of them will be automatically removed.




FotoPlayer User Guide v1.5  

 Current page link: What's new in V4.0