FotoPlayer V4.1 - New Features and updates



  • 1 Hardcoded texts in cart emailorder.php script are now customizable from shoppingcart.xml file. No manual edits required in the scripts.
    File: shoppingcart.xml , Path: res/shoppingcart/
    <emailsettings sendcopytobuyer="N" sendasattachment="Y">
     	<from value=""  />
     	<to value=""  />
     	<subject value=" online shop sales receipt" />
     	<fromname value="Sales" />
     	<emailbody value="Please see the attached email for the sales order" />
     	<statusmessage1 value="Order successfully placed. Thank you. " />
     	<statusmessagelinktext value="Click here" />
     	<statusmessage2 value="to see your email order." />
    	<statusmessage3 value="Use the popup window to continue with the payment process." />				
  • 2. Paypal transaction 'Custom' field and Return button text on Paypal website (after successful payment) are customizable in shoppingcart.xml.
    File: shoppingcart.xml , Path: res/shoppingcart/
    	<upload value="1"  />
    	<business value=""  />
    	<returnURL value=""  />
    	<currency_code value="USD"  />
    	<url value="" target="_blank"  />
    	<returnbuttontext enabled="N" value="Return to Merchant"  />
    	<customdatatopaypal value=""/>
  • 3. Support for IPTC metadata "SubLocation"
  • 4. Feature: Automated download after paypal. This feature now supports downloading a different file format from what's purchased.This will also to sell items presented in image format but the actual item for sale can be in different downloable digital formats like .zip, .lrt, .ai or .doc.
    Example: If the item in the cart is imagename.jpg, downloaded file is imagename.jpg. To make the original file to be downloaded as, just name the image in the album as image1_type_zip.jpg
  • 5. HTML version of the album can be built when Jalbum widgets feature is enabled.
  • 6. Gallery menu font can be cusotmized now. Check Jalbum FotoPlayer skin settings Options->Gallery Menu tab. There is a new parameter to set the font.
  • 7. Cart email notification script made compatible for Qmail mail server. (Solution for error: "Warning: mail() function.mail: SMTP server response: 451")
  • 8. File name extension in the cart can be disabled. Edit config.htt template in FotoPlayer skin folder using plain text editor and search for cart_item_ext="Y". Change the value to "N".
  • 9. Texts in Search window are now customizable.
    File: config.htt in skin root folder
     <searchoptions showtags="Y">
    	<tags enabled="Y" selected="Y" text="Tags" />
    	<filename enabled="Y" selected="N" text="Title" />
    	<desc enabled="Y" selected="N" text="Description"/>
    	<meta enabled="Y" selected="N" text="EXIF/IPTC"/>
    	<searchrecent enabled="Y" btntext="  VIEW RECENT" dayscount="30" />
    	<allwords enabled="Y" selected="N" text="All words"/>
    	<anyword enabled="Y" selected="N" text="Any word"/>
    	<partialwordsearch enabled="Y" selected="N" text="Partial word" />
    	<searchresulttext text="files found" />
    	<searchrating enabled="Y" />
    	<searchcomments enabled="Y" btntext="MOST COMMENTED" />
    	<sortmethod value="1" comment="possible values: 1(date), 2(filename) , 3(title) , 4(tags)  , 5(category)" />	
    	<sortorder value="D" comment="possible values: A (Ascending), D(Descending)" />	
    	<folder enabled="Y" text="Only this folder"/>		
    	<showalltags text="SHOW ALL TAGS" />			
  • 10. Add to Favorites (lightbox) - allowing viewer to create a virtual gallery and share!
    - One of the most requested and much awaited feature in FotoPlayer is now available! Viewers can add the image to the favorites list, play them as a slideshow or share by email with others. The interesting feature is that the Favorites list acts as a virtual gallery and not just a list of image names. Images from the favorites can be commented, starred, printed or added to the cart just like any other subfolder within the album! Feature doesn't stop here... In the favorites list emailed, there will be a link to open the album with those favorites images making it ideal for your clients to save it and continue with the purchase anytime later

    How it works:

    a. Viewer can add the current slide to the favorites using the Favorites icon in the control bar; There is an option to replace this icon with a customizable button text
    b. Favorites list can be viewed anytime by clicking the icon/button in the control bar. Images can also be removed seperately or clear all.
    c. Favorites list window includes a minimize icon. On click, only the 'Add' button will be displayed in the window. In Favorites list slideshow mode, this minimized window will only display 'Delete' button. d. Clicking Slideshow button will play all the images from the favorites list. Slide show can be stopped and other control bar features can be used for the slide (commenting, rating, adding to the cart, printing & ecard)
    e. Clicking email button will open a popup window where Email sender and receipient name and email id with a message can be added. There is an optional feature to retrict the email to a fixed email id (used if you're interested to receive faviorites list from your client albums only to you)
    f. When emailing, favorites list is stored in a file res/favorites folder as an html file (similar to ecard and email order). This folder should be give full write access before this feature can be used. The sent email conains the link to this page.
    g. Emailed favorites list includes a link, 'Album link to Favorites' which will open the album with only images from the Favorites list (virtual gallery). Example: Note: Images will be automatically restored to the favorites list window when using this link. To turn off, set restorefavlist="N" in config.htt.

    How to enable and customize:

    1. Enable 'Favorites' in Jalbum FotoPlayer skin settings General tab (under PHP Settings)
    2. You can replace the favorites icon with a button text in Options->Controlpanel tab
    3. To customize the texts in the favorites window, edit config.htt template in the skin root folder and search for 'favorites'.
    File: config.htt in skin root folder
     <favorites ...>
    	<labels previewcolumn="Preview" namecolumn="Name" foldercolumn="Folder" fromtitle="From" totitle="To"  
    	toname="Name"  toemail="Email" message="Message" addbutton="Add" deletebutton="Delete" 
    	deleteallbutton="Delete All" slideshowbutton="Slideshow" emailbutton="Email" sendbutton="Send"
    	emailwindowtitle="Email Favorites" titlecolor="FFCC00" labelcolor="FFFFFF" />
    	<errors name="Enter valid name" email="Enter valid email id" />
    	<email fromname="FotoPlayer" fromid="" subject="Favorites List" okmessage="Favorites list successfully emailed"
    	viewfavlink="Click here to view" emailonlyowner="Y" owneremail=""  />
    Note: When emailonlyowner parameter is set "Y", favorites list can only be emailed to the owner's email set in 'owneremail' parameter.
  • 11. Weight based shipping
    Here comes another advanced shopping cart feature which will allow you to set shipping based on weight. You can set weight for each format of the image you're selling and define your preferred carrier for different locations. You can also set different carriers based on the weight.

    How to enable and customize:

    File: shoppingcart.xml file in the skin res/shoppingcart folder

    1. Set shmode="6" in the <order> tag.
    2. Set postage weight for each format in the <format> tag.
    <format id="format1" size="4 x 6" price="10.95" type="print" category="" weight=".1"></format>
    Note: If the item is digital format or if you're not using weight based shipping, you can remove this weight parameter. There is no need to mention the weight metrics as it's used internally and not displayed to the client

    3. Define the location id for each shipping destination region in <shpricevariance> tag. Assigned id should be unique.
    	<location id="loc1" name="US">0</location>
    	<location id="loc2" name="Canada">0</location>
    	<location id="loc3" name="Europe">0</location>
    4. Configure the shipping fee for different weight range. Customize the carrier name if required. Carrier name will be displayed in the cart second window.
    <shippinghandling mode="6" type="AMT" comment="based on weight and location (refer shpricevariance settings for location id) ">
    	<forlocation id="loc1">
    		<range from="0"  to=".5"  carriername="ParcelForce" >5.00</range>
    		<range from=".6"  to="3" carriername="ParcelForce" >10.00</range>
    	<forlocation id="loc2">
    		<range from="0"  to=".5"  carriername="ParcelForce" >5.00</range>
    		<range from=".6"  to="3" carriername="ParcelForce" >10.00</range>
    	<forlocation id="loc3" >
    		<range from="0"  to=".5" carriername="Royal Mail" >2.00</range>
    		<range from=".6"  to="3" carriername="Royal Mail Recorded" >5.00</range>
  • 12. Left-Right arrow icons in Slideshow timer window is now changed to up/down direction as it was reported to be confused with slide navigation icons.
  • 13. Button text color is now cusotmizable (Gallery Menu, Favorites, Shopping Cart, Search and buttons in cart window)
    Option to change the text color is in FotoPlayer skin settings Themes tab, under Skinnable UIs.
  • 14. Full Album Slideshow!
    - Another most requested feature! Until previous versions the slideshow applies only to the images within the current folder. In v4.1, you can make the slideshow to play all the images in the album. After playing the last image in the current folder, it'll automatically load the next folder from the Gallery menu (irrespective of whether that folder resides - same folder depth or under a subfolder). To enable turn the 'SldieShow 0 Play All folder' feature on in FotoPlayer skin settings Options->Slide tab.
  • 15. Issue with image artefacts after returning from full screen mode has been fixed.
  • 16. Additional Cart checkout options for ,Mal's Ecommerce and Nochex.
    Some of these options were already included in previous version updates but were not formally mentioned. To use one of these checkout, enable 'Credit card' checkout feature and set the secured url to the proxy script in the album 'res' folder that'll inturn redirects to the respective third party sites where the payment will be made.

    Files: authorize_payment.php, mals_payment.php & nochex_payment.php in FotoPlayer skin 'PHP' folder.
    a. Manually copy one of this script from the skin 'PHP' folder to the skin 'res' folder.
    b. Set creditcard="Y" in shoppingcart.xml >order> tag.
    c. Set the value for secureURL under <creditcard> tag to one of the above script path in the album 'res' folder.
    <securedURL value="" />

    Note: More details on setting user/transaction id can be found in each script. Customize the values for $loginID, $transactionKey & $testMode.
    Mal's: Change "userid" value to Mals' site user name.
    Nochex: Change "email" and "returnurl" values.
  • 17. Guestbook backgorund transparency can now be customized. File: config.htt template in the skin root folder. Search for 'bgtransparency' in <guestbook> tag.
  • 18. Fixed the issue where Docked gallery menu window was not displayed when the startup folder name was incorrect.
  • 19. Shipping fee for the Package
    New feature to define the included shipping fee in the Package price. Based on the shipping variance (Location selected by the user), the difference will be applied to the package price.
    <package name="StandardPackage" description="Standard Package Demo" price="150" includedshippingfee="20"> 
    	 <location id="loc1" name="US">0</location>
    	 <location id="loc2" name="Europe">100</location>
    	<location id="loc3" name="PickUp-No Shipping">-100</location>
    For the above package definition and shipping variance, package cost will be $150 when the location is US, $170 for Europe ($150 + extra 100% of $20 shipping) and $130 for Pickup (deduct the included shipping fee)
  • 20. Option to define shipping fee for first item and for additionsl items when using shipping mode 5 (Mode for shipping based on specific format quantities).
    In v4.0 you can only set the fee for the quantity range (as shown below)
    <shippinghandling mode="5" comment="based on specific format quantities">
    	<format id="format1">
    		<foritems from="1"  to="5">2.00</foritems>
    		<foritems from="6"  to="10">3.00</foritems>
    		<foritems from="11" to="999">10.00</foritems>
    In V4.1 you can now also use 'foradditional' tags.
    <format id="format11">
    	<foritems from="1"  to="5">20.00</foritems>
  • 21. Fixed issue with shopping cart icon displayed in the full screen mode (It should be automatically disabled since keyboard is not supported in full screen mode and enabled when when exiting fullscreen)
  • 22. Description window transparency can be customized. Default value is 14 set in "descwindowtrans" parameter in config.htt template in skin root folder.
  • 23. "Remove Item" button text in cart 'View Pakcage' window can be customized (in shoppingcart.xml)
  • 24. EXIF/IPTC window title text can be customized (in config.htt template, search for exifiptctitle="EXIF / IPTC".
  • 25. Search icon in album control bar can be replaced with a button. Feature can be nabled and button text customized in FotoPlayer skin settings Options->Controlpanel tab.
  • 26. New Tooltip display for icons and thumb images. For the Thumb image tooltip, in v4.0, by default it displays thumbnail file name and the file size. As these informations are not relevant, it now default to the image title. Image title was already customizable to use different sources of texts (like Jalbum Title, IPTC Caption, photo description etc). The same Title text will now be displayed on Thumb image mouse over.

    Note: By default the text source is set to the image Title. But, you can also change it other alternate sources by editing config.htt template and change the "thumb_ttsource" parameter in <tooltips> tag. Possible values: title, caption, author, copyright or headline.
  • 27. Shoppingcart 'Total Quantity:' text in the order file can now be customized in shoppingcart.xml file.
    Tag: <totalquantity text="TOTAL QUANTITY:" /> under <orderreport>.
  • 28. Issue fixed: When the photo description window is docked, the window was not displayed after entering in to or exiting from the full screen mode.
  • 29. Photo background image is aligned to top left by default in v4.0. With another option to disable resizing, this feature can effectively be used to display logo at top left as the albm background. In this new version, the alignment can customized.
    File: config.htt template in FotoPlayer skin folder, tag: <photobg>, parameter: align="topleft"
    Other options: topright, bottomleft, bottomright & center.
  • 30. One-off setup for YouTube videos!
    In previous versions, setting up YouTube video slide requires lot of manual editing in the generated album folder. This also means the changes will be lost when the album is rebuilt and changes have to be re-done. In the new v4.1, you can define all the YouTube slide settings in the dummy flv file used in the Jalbum image input directory.
    a. Create a text file videoname.text file with the following content.
    b. Rename the file to videoname.flv (flv extension instead or txt). Use this file in Jalbum image directory and build the album.

    Url: Use the format "" followed by YouTube video id.
    Filesize: Size of the video is bytes
    Video width, height & Quality: use one of the standard YouTube video size and Quality setting
    Quality level small: Player resolution less than 640px by 360px.
    Quality level medium: Minimum player resolution of 640px by 360px.
    Quality level large: Minimum player resolution of 854px by 480px.
    Quality level hd720: Minimum player resolution of 1280px by 720px.
    Quality level default: YouTube selects the appropriate playback quality.
  • 31. Pan/Zoom limits are made customizable. You can change the zoom in scale, zoom out scale and zoom step in FotoPlayer skin settings Options->Settings tab.
  • 32. Another interesting feature added is to optionally use the Original image for the Pan/Zoom. To enable turn on the option 'Use Original for pan/zoom' in Options->Settings tab.
  • 33. Added a switch to disable search option 'Only this folder'.
    <searchoptions ...>
    	<folder enabled="Y" text="Only this folder"/>
  • 34. SiteCreator - direct url as menu links
    SiteCreator Menu links were designed to link only to the page generated by the skin ('Home' menu links to index.html, Portfolio links to aboutus.html ...) New version allows to set any url as a menu link. ex: 'Portfolio' can be linked to open ''
  • 35. Discount based on specific item quantities in the cart
    Existing Discount Mode 3 allows to set discount based on each format quantities range. For example, 2 to 5 quantities of "4X6" give a discount of $5, 5 to 10 quantities of "8X10" give a discount of $10. The discount is applied based on the total quantities for all the items in the cart of size "4X6" and "8X10".
    What's new: You can now set the option to apply that discount only for the quantities of the same item in the cart. For example, image1.jpg of "4X6" size and image2.jpg of "4X6" size in the cart won't trigger the discount. But if there are two quantities of the same image1.jpg of size "4X6" exists, the discount of $5 is applied.
    How to enable: In shoppingcart.xml file, set itemspecific to Y for discount mode 3
    <discount mode="3" type="PER" itemspecific="Y" comment="based on specific format quantities. Type can be PER (percent) or AMT (amount)">
  • 36. Slide description text size and font type are now customizable from skin settings Options->Description tab.
  • 37. Option to have only password for secured album login
    Prior version requires to set both user name and password for album protection. New feature allows to disable prompting for user name and do authentication based on password only.
    How to enable: Edit default.htt template in FotoPlayer skin 'protected' folder and set $disableusername = "y".
  • 38. Expiry date for Secured folder login
    For folder level protection, you can now set an expiry date for the login. How to use: Build the album with folder level protection enabled, edit secured.php in the generated album folder (the folder you protected) and set the expiry date in $pass_expiry.
    Note: This feature requires manual edit in the generated album. Changes will have to be redone when the album is rebuilt.
  • 39. Shopping Cart - Sell Customizable Package
    A majow feature upgrade for the shopping cart Package sales. Prior versions allows to sell packages with fixed number of quantities for each format and the price for the package itself is fixed.
    What's new: You can now define a minimum and maximum price for the package and set the quantities for each format within the package as variable and charge extra fee for each additional item added to the package.
    <package name="CustomizablePackage" description="Customizable Package Demo" price="150" maxprice="500" includedshippingfee="20"> 
          <includeformat id="format1" quantity="3" additionalcost="10" />		
          <includeformat id="format5" quantity="2" additionalcost="20" />		
          <includeformat id="format8" quantity="2" />		
    For the above package definition, minimum quantities required for the purchase are 3 quantities of format1, 2 quantities of format5 and 2 quantities of format8. Package price will be $150.
    But, if the buyer adds another 2 items of format1 type, and 1 item of format5 type, the package cost will be $190 [ $150 + $20 (2x format1) + $20 (1x of format5) ]. As you may've noticed, there is no additionalcost attribute defined for the format8 in the package. This means, the quantity for this format8 is fixed to 2 and no additional purchase of this type will be allowed.
  • 40. Option to easily identify incorrect download path setup in download.php script.
    For 'Automated download after Paypal' or 'Password protected download' features, you're required to edit download.php file to setup the path where the original images are stored on your server. If that path is incorrect, the error only displays 'File Not found' error. In the new version, now there is an option to set a debug flag, which when enabled will display the full path to the file where the script was expecting the file. This should help to identify and fix the path setting.
    How to enable: In download.php script, set $debugflag = "y". Make sure to set the flag back to "n" after the path issue is fixed.
  • 41. Expiry date for coupon code
    For the shopping cart coupon discount feature, you can set an expiry date for each coupon. No more worries to remember and remove the coupon code manually!
    How to use: In the same script file discountcoupons.php where you define the coupon codes, now there is an option to set the expiry date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
    $coupon_codes	= array( "FP12345",    "FP11111",     "FP22222"    );
    $coupon_discount_value	= array( "10",         "20",          "5"          );
    $coupon_use_once 	= array( "Y",          "N",           "N"          );
    $coupon_expiry 	= array( "01/01/2010", "01/01/2017",  "05/30/2030" ); 
  • 42. Window close button for Split Listing feature removed. This feature splits the folder contents into multiple parts for quick loading.
  • 43. Thumb scroll speed is now customizable from the skin settings Options->Thumbs tab. Default is normal. Other options: Slow & Fast.
  • 44. Save custom color themes
    Skin comes with some predefined Color Themes which can you choose in Skin settings 'Themes' tab. But, if you've created a custom color theme, the only option to save is to save it as part of the Jalbum project file (Jalbum Menu->Save Album project As). But the limitation with this approach is, i'ts not just the color theme but the project include rest of feature customization in the other tabs.
    What's New: You can now save your customized themes separately. Saved custom themes will be listed along with the predefined themes and you can edit or remove if you want.

    Note: Feature will not allow to save custom theme in the same name as the predefined theme nor allow to delete any of the existing themes.
  • 45. Fixed issue where FotoPlayer was stopping other flash mp3 player included in the album page.
  • 46. Fixed an issue in HTML version feature that causes an error message "Unable to open template HTTP ERROR: 400, exiting"
  • 47. Re-designed HTML Version Album with Mobile devices compatiblity!
      FotoPlayer already includes a feature for HTML version of the album. This version was designed mainly for the Search engine compatibility, view albums on any mobile devices and for users wih Flash plugin disabled.

      What's New: The html version page has been redesigned from scratch to make it more appealing on the latest browsers using CSS3 (HTML5) and to automatically adjust the page layout to match any mobile devices screen size (Phones and tablets like iPad). As some of latest mobile phones like Android based or iPhone supports CSS3, the viewers will get the same rich look & feel of the album as they would in the browsers.
    Another important aspect when taking the album to mobile devices is the page content, graphics size and the image size itself. The new version was designed with these aspects in mind and the result is, faster loading page, no animation or javascripts ,automatically detecting mobile device screen size and using alternate "medium" size slide for faster loading. To use medium size slide feature, enable 'Build Medium Size' Feature in the skin Setting Options->Shoppingcart tab.

      Note: Currently the html version album is based on a single theme. More themes will be available soon!
  • 48. Diagnostic script now includes option to test email with attachment
  • 49. FLV video - customizable buffer time
    For FLV videos, the default buffer is 3 seconds (play time to be preloaded). This time is now customizable in config.htt template (search for 'flvbuffersecs').
  • 50. openfolder, openfile parameter names simplified
    These URL query string paramters are used for the album index page to open a specific folder and an image. Example:
    In the new version,you can simply use "folder" instead of "openfolder" and "file" instead of "openfile". Ex:
  • 51. Music icon graphic changed
    Based on user's feedback, the animated music icon in the album control bar is now replaced with a simple graphic.
  • 52. Shoppingcart Custom fields - fee based on format type
    FotoPlayer cart feature includes two custom fields that are used to get more specific choices for each item added to the cart. Based on the option selected by the user, additional fee can be charged. Until v4.0, the additional choices applies to all the images.
    What's New:
    V4.1 allows to define the custom fields for each format and display only those options specific for that format to the user. You can also set the options for custom field 2 based on the choice selected in custom field 1.
    	<field1 name="TONE" enabled="Y">
    			<data id="field1data1" extracost="AMT" value="0" >Color</data>
    			<data id="field1data2" extracost="N" value="0" >Black and White</data>
    			<data id="field1data3" extracost="AMT" value="0" >Sepia</data>
    			<linkto id="format2" includecommondata="N" changelabel="Frame">
    			            <data  id="field1data5" extracost="N" value="0" >Frame Type 1</data>
    			           <data  id="field1data6" extracost="N" value="0" >Frame Type 2</data>
    	<field2 name="IMAGE FIT" enabled="Y">
    			<data id="field2data1" extracost="N" value="0" >Crop to fit standard size</data>
    			<data id="field2data2" extracost="PER" value="0" >Resize</data>
    			<linkto id="field1data3" includecommondata="N" changelabel="Sepia Tones">
    			                <data  id="field2data3" extracost="N" value="0" >Mild</data>
    			                <data  id="field2data4" extracost="N" value="0" >Strong</data>
    New Settings in v4.1: 
    field1data1, field1data2... -> Unique id for each <data> tag.
    id='format2' in <linkto> tag -> Links the custom fields to a specific <format> tag id (example: "4X6 Framed").
    includecommondata -> If set to "Y", listed options will be 'Frame Type 1', 'Frame Type 2' and also 'Color', 'Black & White' and 'Sepia' (common options that are not specific to a single format tag)
    changelabel="Frame" -> Option to change the custom field label as 'Frame' instead of 'Tone'. This feature allows to set any kind of custom fields instead of just 'Tone' and 'Image Fit'
    id="field1data3"  in <linkto> -> Links custom field 2 to custom field 1. This will allow to change the second custom options based on the first custom field selection.
        Note: For the above example, when the user selects "4 x 6 framed" size, the displayed optional fields will be "Frame Type 1" and "Frame Type 2". For "4X6" size, if the Tone is selected as 'Sepia', the second optional field name will automatically change to 'Sepia Tones' with possible choices as 'Mild' and 'Strong'.
  • 53.  New optional feature added to automatically redirect to html version if flash not detected.
  • 54.  Hide Thumb scrollbar
    To disable thumb scroll bar, set hidethumbscroll="Y" in config.htt.
    55. Support for People tag

    Tag faces in the photo using tools like Microsoft Live Photo Gallery and make them searchable in FotoPlayer!

    To enable: FotoPlayer skin settings Options->Description tab, change Tag Source to 'XMP People Tag'.

    To make it searchable: Use Pro mode and enable Search feature. Tag search is enabled as default.







    FotoPlayer User Guide v1.5  

     Current page link: What's new in V4.1