What's new in v3.1


1. Google Analytics


You can now track FotoPlayer events in Google Analytics.

slide -> event trigger when loading the slide image (image name with folder path and album path is tracked) (Lite and Pro)

folder -> event trigger when folder is selected (from gallery menu). (Lite and Pro)

search -> tracks the search words used in the search window (Pro)

addtocart -> Name of the image added to cart is tracked (irrespective of whether of successful checkout). (Pro)

print -> Event trigger for name of the image when print button clicked.

download -> Event trigger for name of the image when download button clicked.

music -> Event trigger when music button clicked.

panzoom -> Event trigger when panzoom button clicked.

descdock -> Event trigger when description window dock icon clicked.

slideshow -> event trigger when slideshow start button is clicked.



2. Next/Previous Navigation on slide image click.

Navigation arrow icons (prev and next) will be displayed on slide mouseover.



3. New way to display folder description (mouse over tooltip)


How it works:

Folder description will be displayed as a tooltip on gallery menu mouseover instead of displaying in a window above the gallery menu.

The tooltip window theme (bg and border colors) , description color and font type are  customizable from the skin settings colors tab.



4. Display Error/Warning message when same image is added to cart.

If the image, size, image tone (custom field1), imagefit (custom field2) are all same, it won't allow adding the same image to cart.

If the image is same, but the size is different, it'll display a warning message but still allows to add the image to cart (ideally, the user should be allowed to buy the same image but different size). Same checks done for custom fields. Warning message is displayed but allows to add to the cart since they can buy the same image, same size but different tones (b& w and color)

You can customize the error messages via shoppingcart.xml <error> tag.




<dupitem text="Error: Item already exists in the cart." />

<dupitemsize text="Warning: Item already exists in the cart with a different size. Click 'Add Item' &lt;br&gt; again to add to cart." />

<dupitemfld1 text="Warning: Item already exists in the cart with a different tone. Click 'Add Item' again to add to cart." />

<dupitemfld2 text="Warning: Item already exists in the cart with a different Image Fit. Click 'Add Item' &lt;br&gt; again to add to cart." />




5. Ability to add extra cost for custom fields

In prior versions, custom fields are used just to get more user preference for the selected item. The selections will not affect the item price.

A new feature has been added to add extra fee based on the field selections.

File: shoppingcart.xml. Newly added parms: "extracost" and "value" in <data> tags.


<field1 name="TONE" enabled="Y">

<data extracost="N" value="0" >Color</data>

<data extracost="PER" value="10" >Black and White</data>

<data extracost="AMT" value="10" >Sepia</data>

<data extracost="N" value="0" >Blue</data>

<data extracost="N" value="0" >Blue Duotone</data>

<data extracost="N" value="0" >Yellow</data>

<data extracost="N" value="0" >SoftFocus</data>


<field2 name="IMAGE FIT" enabled="Y">

<data extracost="N" value="0" >Crop to fit standard size</data>

<data extracost="PER" value="10" >Resize</data>



In the above example,

extracost set to N : No change in the price.

extracost set to PER (denotes PERCENT) : An extra 10% will be added to the item price.

extracost set to AMT (denotes AMOUNT)  : An extra 10$ will be added to the item price.



6. In prior versions, when the Search window is on, image description window will be disabled. This feature is turned off (description window will be displayed).


7. Shoppingcart total amount rounding:

 Not all countries currency basic unit is 0.01 (1 cent, 1 pence ...). To make FP compatible, it now support rounding the total amount to the nearest unit (customizable).

 File name: res/shoppingcart/shoppingcart.xml

 Tag: <order>

 Add new parm, priceroundoff="0.25" (your currency basic unit)


 0.25 -> will round off $10.27 to $10.25 , $10.54 to $10.50  , $10.99  to $10.75

 0.50 -> will round off $10.27 to $10.00 , $10.49 to $10.00  , $10.90  to $10.50

 1.00 -> will round off $10.27 to $10.00 , $10.49 to $10.00  , $10.90  to $10.00

 0.01 -> No round off.

 0.00 -> No round off.      

'priceroundoff' value cannot be less than 0 or greater than 1.


8. MP3 auto play is delayed by 5 seconds by default when album loads (to avoid any delays viewing the first slide when in slideshow or when autoplay first photo feature enabled)

  This delay is customizable.


  File name: config.htt in FP skin folder.

  Tag Name: <tracks>

  Parm name: delaystart



  <tracks delaystart="5" autoplay="...



9. When generating the shoppingcart order id, If the month/days/hours/minutes/seconds/milliseconds is single digit, it'll be prefixed with "0".

   order id file name syntax: YYYYMMDD_HHMMSSsss.txt

   File name length will always be of 18 chars in length.



10. Preload custom number of slides (to avoid load delays during slideshow).




11. Password protected download!!!


Wondered if there is a way to allow only your friends/family or your clients to download the originals? Rest can only view the resized/watermarked slides? You can now do it in FotoPlayer!


How to enable:

1. Enable protected download feature in the skin settings tab.

2. Make sure you've selected 'Link to scaled down images only' in Jalbum->Settings->Navigation tab

   (we don't want JAlbum to copy the originals to the generated album as the viewer can easily guess the path and download directly)

3. You'll need to keep all your original images in a secured folder on your server.

   Edit download.php file and you'll notice the two new input settings.

   1. $protect_pass = array("enterpass|12/01/2007" , "somepassword|10/10/2008");

   password 'enterpass' expires on Dec 1st 2007 and 'somepassword' expires on Jan 2008.

   Supports multiple passwords as you see in the example above and also includes an expiry date for each password ('|' char is used as a seperator).

   2. $protect_path  = "drive:/somefolder/account/yourdomain/database/originals/";

   Location on your server where you've uploaded your originals.

Feature is implemented in both Lite and Pro versions.

You can now sell subscription packages and provide your client a login password. They can just view any slide they want to download and click the

'download' icon in the controlpanel.



12. Performance upgrades made to improve smooth transitions & increase image load speed (thumbnails as well as slides).

If you're using swf  movie files (intro or videos) in your album, it may be affected. Please use FLV format instead.



13. Shipping - based on % of total amount


   File: res/shippingcart/shoppingcart.xml


   Add new parm type="PER" to <shippinghandling mode="2" ....  To set a fixed shipping amount based on total amount, set type as "AMT"

   <shippinghandling mode="2" type="PER" comment="Based on subtotal amount. Set type as AMT for flat rate and as PER for percentage. ">



14. AutoStart music if stopped when viewing SWF or FLV videos.

  In prior versions, if you've enabled background music, it'll be stopped when viewing SWF or FLV slide. User has to manually  start the player again.

   FP will track if the music was stopped by swf/flv and it'll autostart the music when you view a different gallery.



15. Discount coupon entry field moved from shoppingcart first window to second window



16. New Input text field added to the shoppingcart first screen for the buyers to add any notes for each item added to the cart.

This info will be written to the order file.

File: res/shoppingcart/shoppingcart.xml

Add <itemnotes text="ADD A NOTE FOR THIS ITEM (OPTIONAL)"   />  

before </labels> tag.

Sample Order file:


Type : print

Item : FP104.jpg

Size : 4 x 6

Quantity : 1

UnitPrice : $7.00

Subtotal : $7.00

TONE : Color

IMAGE FIT : Crop to fit standard size

ADD A NOTE FOR THIS ITEM (OPTIONAL) : Add border and print this image in Matt finish



17. Shopping order in XML format.

Optional order file in XML format. Useful for post processing of order info. XML can easily be parsed by any programming language and ported to a different format.

Using free XML to PHP array script, any specific order data in XML file can also be read easily (no need to string parse the data sent from flash).

Note: XML file is created in the same name as the text order file.

How to Enable: In config.htt (before album build) or res/config.xml (after build), search for gen="jalbum". Change "jalbum" to "xmlorder".



18. Slide image loading progress bar animation made simple.



19. When the default gallery menu system is docked , on menu click, all the submenus displays will be hidden.

    (in prior versions the submenus will stay on the screen over the slide image until a different gallery is chosen)


20. Download icon changed from floppy disk to down arrow mark.



21. ShoppingCart Grid mouseover tooltip

    In prior versions, after adding the item to the cart, the user cannot view some of the item details which are not displayed in the cart grid.

    Example: Optional custom fields, Image type (print or digital) , Item notes, Category (image folder).


    A new mouseover feature has been added to display the above fields. The mouseover window will also display a resized slide image.  If the item is

    not in jpg format, the actual thumb image will be displayed.




22. SMTP Email

    Email notification in prior versions are sent using PHP mail() command. Increasingly, more web hosting providers are disabling this feature since it's sends email without authentication.

    New Option added to send guestbook notification and shoppingcart order file notification using SMTP Authentication email. PHPMailer script is used for this purpose.

    New Folder 'PHPMailer' added inside 'res' folder


    All SMTP Email settings can be configured from the skin settings tab.



23. Image Rating feature is now integrated within FotoPlayer (only for PRO version)



24. Guestbook - visitor can now leave their email id.  

Email Id will not be displayed to the public but can be viewed by thru the guestbook admin system.

    Updated: fotoplayer flash files , gbamin.swf, guestbook.swf and config.htt

    File: config.htt

    Tag Name: <guestbook>

    New parms: emailnote="(Not visible to the public)" emaillabel="Email"



25. Option to generate HTML version of the skin.

Intended for search engine indexing of album file names, images, description. Link to HTML version will be displayed to the viewers if they had disabled javascript or flash.

    How it works: FotoPlayer RSS Feed is converted to plain HTML  on the fly using php scripts. HTML version is designed to view the album in browsers  even without javascript.  

    Updates: Skin template includes rss2html php scripts. (Thanks to rss2html.com)



26. Changes to JAlbum skin UI.
     1. Option to open skin folder directly,

        2. HTML Color codes can now be entered,

        3. Options tab is now spanned across different subtabs based on functionality,

        4. SMTP email settings,

        5. Enable Image Rating,

        6. Root Folder name customization ("photo Gallery") + switch to turn off,

        7. Slide Image, Thumb Image - Add Frame border,

        8. Slide Watermark (both Text and Image),

        9. You can now add custom links to gallery menu without editing folders.htt! ,

        10. Set Google Analytics events.

        11. RSS Icon added to album index page if rssfeeder enabled.

        12. Option to generate a Plain HTML verison of the skin (uses RSS) for search engine indexing.

        13. A link to HTML version album will be displayed if user had disabled Javascript or flash.

        14. FotoPlayer Skin loading message window.

        15. Option to change the image title source. (File name or comment or IPTC Caption)

        16. Option to insert image link in the photo description window

        17. TextFile Viewer background color, width and height customization

        18. Option to set the startup folder when viewing the album


27. Display Image link (for slide image) in the image description window.

    File: config.htt

    Tag Name: <parms>

    New parms: imagelink="Y" imagelinktext="(RightClick and Copy link)"


    Switch is provided in the skin settings tab.



28. Text File Viewer background color width and height customization.

    (Text file viewer is used when you publish *.txt files).

    File: config.htt

    Tag Name: <parms>

    New parms: txtviewerbg="555555" txtviewerwidth="450" txtviewerheight="350"



29. New Search option.


    a. Viewer can select 'Only this folder' in the search window to restrict the search to the current viewing folder.

    b. Protected folders will be searched if the viewer had already logged on to that folder.



30. Slide Title updated

    a. In prior versions, title text width is designed to be same as the image width. It's modified to autoadjust to maximum

       avaiable slide area.

    b. Now supports 3 lines of text (prior version allows only 2 lines)



31. Same format for adding custom links in FP default gallery menu and Tree menu.

    In prior versions, if you want to add custom links to the gallery menu, the format is different for the default menu system  and the Tree menu navigation system.


    FileName: folders.xml

    For default menu: <item name="FotoPlayer" action="linkurl" path="http://www.fotoplayer.com" variables="_blank" desc="Link opens in new window" />

    For Tree menu :  <item name="FotoPlayer" action="linkurl" path="_blank" variables="http://www.fotoplayer.com" desc="Link opens in new window" />

    (The 'path' and 'variables' value needs to be interchanged to make it work in tree menu)

    Now in v3.1, both the menu systems uses the same format and no manual editing is required. They can be added from the skin settings tab.


    <item name="FotoPlayer" action="linkurl" path="http://www.fotoplayer.com" variables="_blank" desc="Link opens in new window" />



32. MP3 Player - New option to control the looping of playlist (play 1st track at the end of last track).

   Filename: config.htt

   tag: <tracks>  New parm "playlistloop" added.  This parm is configurable from the JAlbum skin settings Music tab.



33. In V3.0, if some of the images don't have exif info, FotoPlayer will still display the EXIF panel with empty contents. This is fixed in V3.1. The exif panel will be automatically removed if the slide doesn't have exif/iptc info.


34. Album HTML version: Option to open sub gallery directly.

    Refer feature no. 25. res/rss2html/html.php in the V3.1 skin folder is updated to open sub-gallery directly.

    HTML version : http://www.yourdomain.com/album/html.php

    To open 'Macro' folder, the url will be http://www.yourdomain.com/album/html.php?subalbums=Macro

    To open sub-sub gallery, http://www.yourdomain.com/album/html.php?subalbums=Places/London

    To open root folder, http://www.yourdomain.com/album/html.php?subalbums=Root



35. Shoppingcart: Option to set discount in amount or percentage (based on subtotal or quantity)

    File: shoppingcart.xml

    New attribute "type" added.

    <discount mode="1" type="PER" comment="based on number of quantities.Type can be PER (percent) or AMT (amount)">



    <discount mode="2" type="PER" comment="based on subtotal amount. Type can be PER (percent) or AMT (amount)">



36. Thumbnail mouseover effect issue fixed.  



37. SnapGalaxy print service integrated.

   You can choose snapgalaxy print service from skin options->controlpanel tab.

   To customize the snapgalaxy referrer id, partner id, edit config.htt and search for snapgalaxy.


   <method service="4" name="SnapGalaxy" referid="JALBUM" partnerid="default" url="http://www.snapgalaxy.com/jalbum/" />



38. Album load progressbar and slideprogressbar updated



39. When checkout button pressed, the status message from the email order script is displayed in a popup window

    (In v3.0, it's displayed in the same screen above the checkout buttons)



40. Option to set tax included in the price.

File: res/shoppingcart/shoppingcart.xml


Example setup for 20% tax included in the price.

<salestaxpercent excludeshipping="Y" includedinprice="Y" >

  <state name="Included(20%)">20</state>




41. When forcedownload or protected download feature used, it's now logged in a text file in res/shoppingcart folder.

file: PHP/download.php


Search for $log_download = "y". If set to "y",  for each download (download icon clicked), a log is written to res/shoppingcart/downloadlog_<randomnumber>.txt file. Log file will be created if it doesn't exist.



42. Option to change window target for print services


V3.0 opens print services (shutterfly, digibug,snapgalaxy) in a popup window (target = "_blank" was used). You can now customize the target to "_self" so that when the print button is clicked,

the user will be redirected to print service site in the same page.


Note: Opening the print service in a new window (target = "_blank") is preferred.


File: config.htt


<print enabled="..." service="..." target="_blank">



43. When returning from print services website, it'll open FP album with the last viewed folder and image.


43. FP generated index.html conforms to w3c HTML 4.01 transitional standard. CSS conforms to W3C standard.


45. JAlbum 'Preview' button click will now open the album page with the custom naming convention you provided (prior version will always try to open index.html)


46. FP made compatible to be viewed on 2560 x 1600 resolution monitor.


47. FotoPlayer upgraded to Flash 8. The minimum flash player version required to view the album will be 8. The first feature that takes advantage of this upgrade is 'FullScreen' mode.



   1. Flash player 8 includes significant improvements/enhancements over Flash 7.

   2. Flash player 8 player penetration reached 98% (refer http://www.adobe.com/products/player_census/flashplayer/version_penetration.html)

   3. Adobe stopped supporting Flash player 7.

   3. Upgrade is necessary to implement some interesting new features in FotoPlayer, which wouldn't be possible or highly complex using Flash 7.


48. "True" Full Screen view!


 You can view the album in true full screen using an icon click in FP controlpanel! Viewer requires Flash player 9.0.028 version. If detected version is less than this, Fotoplayer will not display the fullscreen icon. Fullscreen can be turned/on/off via skin settings options->controlpanel tab.


Note: Flash restricts keyboard inputs during fullscreen mode. FP will automatically disable the features that require keyboard input (guestbook, cart, search window,print service).

    On return to normal mode, the disabled features will be enabled again.


49. Option to set tiled background images. Skin includes two seemless tiled images in res/backgroundimages folder.


Prior versions allow only a single large image to be used as image. You can now use tiled image in the new version. Since file size is minimum,  background loads faster!


50. Supports displaying GIF, PNG and progressive JPGs.


51. ECard feature added!

Another advanced feature added to FP (first JAlbum skin to include this feature). Viewer can send the slide image as ecard with their comments. The card is generated in html format in res/ecard/ folder and email sent to the recipient with a link to view this page. Both the email and the card design are provided in template format. So, you can easily customize them to your needs. Feature is available only in PRO mode and can be enabled/disabled from the skin settings 'General' tab.



File: config.htt


Change 1:




<ecard><![CDATA[Send as E-Card]]></ecard>



Change 2:

<tooltips ... ecardicon="Send as E-Card">



Change 3:

<ecard enabled="<ja:if test="$ecard">Y</ja:if><ja:else>N</ja:else>" title="Send as E-Card">

<labels fromname="Name" fromemail="Email" toname="Name" toemail="Email" fromtitle="From" totitle="To" messagetitle="Message" />

<errors fromname="Enter valid name" fromemail="Invalid Email id" toname="Enter valid name" toemail="Invalid Email id" message="Enter some message" />

<email name="FotoPlayer" id="name@yourdomain.com" subject="has sent you an ecard from yourdomain.com album" />



 Above settings allows to customize the ecard window texts and error messages. <email> tag is for setting the outgoing email 'from' address name and id.



ECard and Email templates:

res/ecard folder in skin folder.

1. ecard.html

2. email.txt


How to use:

1. Configure the ecard settings in config.htt

2. Customize the Ecard and email templates in res/ecard folder.

3. Enable Ecard PHP feature in JAlbum FotoPlayer skin settings 'General' tab.

4. Build and upload the album.

5. Set full write access (CHMOD 777) to res/ecard folder. This is an important step.



52. High quality slide Image rescaling - Major enhancement.

  When FP resizes the slide, the image is smoothened to avoid pixelation. You'll notice the quality far better than V3.0.


53. Thumbnail scrollbar is disabled automatically if not required.


54. Protect Entire Album from skin settings tab!  (PHP feature. You'll need to upload the album to your site to test it or publish in local web server)

Important note: FP will not process images in the album root folder when this feature is enabled. This is to avoid anyone viewing the root photos.xml to get the image name.

Keep the images inside subfolders in the jalbum image input directory. If you want to open a subfolder when the album starts, you can use the 'Startup' album feature in the skin options->settings tab.


55. Cart shipping mode 3 (based on each additional item) feature updated to allow first 'n' items with a fixed shipping fee and set price for each additional item after that.


 In V3.0:


    <shippinghandling mode="3" comment="based on each additional item bought">





 In V3.1:


 <shippinghandling mode="3" comment="based on each additional item bought">

   <foritems from="1"  to="2">4.00</foritems>





56. Close button feature removed and Back button feature updated to set a text instead of icon.

  Back button text can be customized from  Options->Settings tab.



57. Description window enabled for FLV videos

You can add comments for the videos from JAlbum Explorer.



58. Option to restrict a single image from adding to the cart

How to use: If you don't want to sell a specific image in the album, categorize that image in IPTC Category as NFS (not for sale). Add an entry in the shoppingcart.xml to define the format for this category with type as "notforsale".


Example: <format size="NOT FOR SALE" price="0" type="notforsale" category="NFS"></format>


When the viewer opens the shoppingcart for the slide image with category as NFS, the above text 'NOT FOR SALE' will be displayed as size and 'add to cart' button  will be disabled. An error message will be displayed . "This photo is not available for sale.". This error message can be customized in shoppingcart.xml





<itemnotforsale text="This photo is not available for sale." />




59. Total Quantity info added to the cart order file.





FotoPlayer User Guide v1.5  

 Current page link: FotoPlayer v3.0